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Corfu Benitses

The resort of Benitses is situated 12 km south of Corfu town on the East coast, overlooking the Greek mainland. The name Benitses was derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Pinio’ and the area was known as Pinisse or Penitisai meaning an area with an abundance of water, as two rivers flowed into Benitses where the Harbour now stands. Today the springs flowing from the surrounding hills make the hillsides rising above Benitses into a lush tree lined area, offering beautiful shaded walks with outstanding views of the bay below, often overlooked by tourists this stunning hillside area is not to be missed. The Corfu Trail passes above Benitses in the hills and the nearby village of Stavros can be walked to. Around the harbour there are bars and tavernas and inland from here you will find the old village of Benitses. Further along the road heading south you will find more tavernas, bars and shops set along a sand and shingle beach area. Along with Kaisers Bridge, the Achilleion (Achillion) palace, Roman bath ruins and an Aquaduct the resort offers an abundance of things to see and do.