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About Corfu

Corfu is an island that combines everything! Indescribable natural beauty, famous beaches, beautiful villages, friendly locals, delicious cuisine, rich history and a special and very interesting local culture .
The strategic location of the island at the crossroads between north and south, east and west , cause it to always be the " apple of discord " for all the people who passed or lived in the Balkans. This resulted in the Homeric island of Corfu, to create a multicultural culture , which has left its mark on the island, offering unique samples of history and culture and a mosaic of images that make Corfu a unique travel destination .
Browse the narrow streets (“kantounia”) of the old town, discover traces and influences of the peoples who passed through the island in antiquity, the Byzantine period, the Venetian, British and French occupation. Hear the famous musical cantanas and serenades that are characteristic of Corfu and the Ionian islands in general. Wander palaces, fortresses, museums, libraries, galleries, temples, separate public buildings, private mansions and rare archaeological sites. Then take a break to enjoy a chilled ginger ale, the most typical drink of the island.
Continue your stroll shopping in the great city market, where shops stay open until late at night and you can find everything. Buy beautiful handmade souvenirs and meet famous local products like excellent olive oil and kumquat, from which the famous kumquat liqueur is made, as well as jam, sweet and fruit “glasse” covered with bitter chocolate. Try also the famous pastries of the island such as “mantoles” (nougat with caramelized almonds), “pasteli” (nougat with honey with sesame seeds, almonds or peanuts) and “mantolato” (nougat with almonds, sugar, vanilla, honey).


• Corfu Art Gallery
• The Ionian University
• Public Art Gallery
• The Public Library
• The Achillion 
• The old and the new fortresses of Corfu
• The Kapodistrias Museum
• The Palace Mon Repos
• The main square “Spianada”
• Liston
• The Town Hall Corfu
• The Venetian port
• The Venetian Well  in Kremastis Square
• Asian Art Museum, at the Palace of the Archangels Michael and St. George (unique in Greece )